Energy Saving and Emission Reduction Was Written into China 12th Five-year-plan Scheme, What Kind of Opportunities Do Security Companies Have

With the real estate market further flourishing and the demand of national future urbanization process increasing, the forcible dismantlement work must result in the going up of tall outdoor furniture buildings. In the future, the building intelligentization is the direction of civil engineering. Security companies can configure the intelligent control system, during the building's operation, they can control the equipments that consume large energy and also are difficult to detect, such as air-conditioning and lighting. Through giving intelligence and control function to buildings, the intelligent technology can achieve effective allocation, management and control of resources, as well as energy saving and environment protection.

Generally speaking, a good intelligent building can provide people a comfortable and favorable environment, and then effectively increase people's work efficiency; it can provide effective methods and measures for the prevention of natural or man-made disasters in order to ensure the life and property security; to improve the operational capabilities of equipment and reduce energy consumption, it also can provide real-time monitoring and control for electromechanical security products in building. Security sub-system, as an important part of intelligent building, people will put forward higher requirements on its resources control and energy conservation, which also will bring opportunities to security industry. In China's investment of 4 trillion Yuan, 210 million Yuan is used for environmental protection. With people's environmental protection consciousness strengthening and the security technology becoming increasingly mature, the security products technology also will gradually infiltrate into all areas of environmental protection industry, and develop from narrow field monitoring to all-direction monitoring such as kitchen utensil nature reserves, forest fire prevention, wetland monitoring and so on. It not only brings opportunities to security industry, but also brings challenges.

To develop and use new energy sources also is an important part of the 12th Five-Year Plan except reducing energy consumption of current used energy sources through energy saving and emission reduction. In the 12th Five-Year Plan, the clean energy of traditional energy such as natural gas, nuclear power and hydropower will become the main beneficial direction, in which the natural gas will become the main force of clean energy; in mid-long term, wind power, solar panel and biomass energy will obtain considerable progress after intelligent grid developing. Generally speaking, the wind-solar power supply technology has conformed to the energy saving and emission reduction development trend of global products. Now from some women garments practical cases we can see that, on the monitoring of wilderness areas such as forest, grassland fire prevention, highway road, GSM base station and desert oil field, to use wind-solar and other new energy power supply modes can save cost and be convenient, and its prospect is very bright.

Currently, the 12th Five-Year Plan has been submitted to government departments to discuss and decide, and will be announced in recent days. With the energy-saving economy coming, as well as the country's uv lamp action on industry upgrade, related energy saving project will be able to receive government support. How to follow the pace of age and bring security products into the category of energy saving management is the responsibility for each security people, the energy saving development of security products will not result in the cost increase, moreover, it is more likely to trigger another garment steam revolution of security industry. The market bears a huge potential business opportunities from the single application of monitoring, alarm, access control one-card-through to the informatization and diversification development of entering integrated security-based security industry, so to break the situation that traditional security products develop a school of their own and to integrate the products functional applications are the trends of future development.

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The Management Strategy of China Pet Supplies Store

To open a pet supplies store, there are two ways: joining chain store or opening it by yourself. Joining chain store is a good choice, because it can save a lot of worry from staffing to goods supply. However, a sum of franchise fee will increase your initial spending. In addition, the largest expenditure invested in the earlier stage is the store rental, and the other is stock. It depends on individual financial circumstances, the store area can be large or small and the stock number can be more or less. Take Xinglong Street Petdog Chain Store for example, the area is about 50 square meters, one year's rent plus at least 50,000 Yuan goods, so the initial cost is about 200,000-300,000 Yuan. Although the store rent is different according to different location, but it also should choose a place that has relatively large pet supplies demand, the early start-up capital is about 200,000 Yuan to open a small and medium-sized pet products store.

To open a store successfully, location is the key. It is suggested that pet supplies store should be opened in the pet market concentrated place, such as the place near Sports Road and Austria Mall in Taiyuan, because people who keep cats or dogs have a concept that something related to pets are all in there, so it can make people know your store firstly; second, you must understand the occupancy rate in nearby residential districts, and know whether there are many dog and cat electric bike believers that can be your target customers; third, you can determine the goods grade in your store through observing the grade of customers' pets.

In addition, the store should avoid the busy commercial district, because the customers of pet store are very special dogs and cats and other pets, so the store had best avoid the busy commercial district, and do not select the high rent store. Because there are corresponding rules that pet products are not allowed to enter the busy commercial district. The reasons that select relatively clear location to open the pet supplies store are as follows: first of all, pets can have enough activity space; second, because if the pet parents bring their garment steam to the store, most of them are coming by car, so clear location can provide adequate parking fitness spaces.

Pet stores must have all kinds of goods from pet cages, care products, animal rations, cats and dogs basket with pads and collar leather cup to gravel and aquatic plants for aquarium fish, shells and fish feed, etc., as well as a variety of pet canned food and dry food. In addition, they are mainly for cats and dogs, because dogs and cats keepers account for a vast majority. As for the purchase channels, there are Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Fujian, Shenzhen and other places, you can directly contact with suppliers and manufacturers, the products should both have the domestic and foreign electric bikes brands. If you have the domestic procurement, you can select some of the historic old enterprises, so as to ensure the quality and style. If you want to purchase high-tech products, the best choice is foreign brands. Foreign brands often have agents in China.

After opening, the owner and the customer needs some time to run. So in the first 3 months, generally there are only continuous inputs without output; if it is successful, the balance of the income and expense will be achieved after 6 months; so only persist through this period of time can the store begin to make profit. If you want to hire employees and require all of them to have pet experience, besides they can provide some consulting services, the staff training is very important. First, tattoo machine kits employees must identify various species of pets. If employees can identify the species of the dogs that the consumers bring to the store, it can enhance consumers' sense of identification and kindness for this store. Second, employees must know the skyrunner goods performance, the scope of application and some other solar panel information like the palms of their hands, and can make their own electric bike suggestion for different types of dogs and cats on commodity choosing and buying.

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China's Mandatory Standards Promoting Stationery Industry to Get A Firm Foothold in International Market

After nearly 20 years development, China has become the world's stationery manufacturing center, in which there are more than 6,000 stationery manufacturers, and its stationery production capacity accounts for 40% of the global stationery production capacity. However, the deficiency of relevant technical regulations has become a major bottleneck that hinders the development of China stationery market. Recently, the National Standards of General Requirements for Students' Supplies Safety released by China State General Administration for Quality Supervision and China National Standardization Administration Committee has filled this gap. After the requirements publishing, the students' supplies that don't meet the technical regulations and safety standards will not be allowed to sell in the market. Meanwhile, the situation of laying emphasis on quality but ignoring safety in the stationery industry will also be expected to improve.

Currently, the variety and design of stationeries are dazzling and they are changing with each passing day. Moreover, in order to satisfy the curious psychology of young student groups, many shrewd businessmen have continually launched new stationeries such as highlighter, aromatic rubber, shiny letter paper and so on, which made stationeries become useful, funny and good-looking. However, just such new stationeries have many hidden dangers on security. For example, children are taken to the hospital for medical treatment because of swallowing a rubber, sucking aromatic ball pen ink or being stabbed by compasses and penpoint, they are not uncommon outdoor furniture. As reported, the stationeries in some stalls don't have any manufacturer logos, even there are some foreign languages people can’t understand on some of them; as for the quality certification standards, there are many kinds-- "pass ISO9001", "conform to the international standards", "reach to European and American standards" and so on; the fitness words that explain the environmental protection performance are basically the puff, such as "healthy and environmental protection, safe and nontoxic" and so on. When the stall owners replenish their skyrunner stock, they generally first see the price and function, but pay little attention to manufacturers and safety problems.

The National Standards of General Requirements for Students' Supplies Safety covers almost all the technical standards for stationery safety. According to regulations, the standard is electric bike applicable to minor students' supplies including watercolor paints, crayons, oil pastel, finger paints, modeling clay, eraser, altered products, adhesives, water color pen, writing pen, marker pen, drawing ruler, books, school bags, pencil case, office products hand scissors, stationery box, pencil sharpener and so on. The General Requirements has made a different security requirements for different students' electric bikes supplies from eight aspects, it has prescribed the maximum of eight kinds moving elements such as lead, mercury and arsenic in the products such as paint, pen, eraser, altering products, etc., also the maximum of office products formaldehyde, benzene and some other hazardous substances. For example, the formaldehyde content in the fabric and accessories of school bags and pencil cases can't exceed more than 300 mg/kg, the brightness (whiteness) of student used electric bike textbooks should less than 85%, even the size and ventilation area of the pen's cap also be limited strictly on its security. In addition, the General office products Requirements also has made some relevant regulations on testing method, detection rules and marking instructions.

The implementation of the National Standards of General Requirements will be beneficial to protect broad masses of adolescents and students' health, and regulate Chinese students' supplies market.

In recent years, the exportation of Chinese students' supplies office products has suffered more and more trade barriers. Relevant principal of China Light Industry Association said that, all restrictions and regulations item in the standards have adopted relevant international standards and domestic and foreign advanced standards, so its standard level has reached the international advanced level.

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China Car Seat Industry Showing A White-hot Trend

In recent years, with the growing of China auto market advancing triumphantly, the society car inventory and the car seats demand are increasing continually, and the market competition become increasingly intense.

The foreign brands have obvious advantages in the competition.

At present, China's passenger seat market is mainly held by some joint ventures that use the foreign capital as their main body, for example, only the American Johnson Company has established 10 car seats and interior products joint ventures in China, accounting for nearly 30% of the China market share. View from the production technology of car seat, the design and test of the high-end car seat have a set of very strict procedures, and the technological requirements are higher. Because the seat systems design and manufacture have some electric bike considerable difficulties, so the industry of seat assembly has a higher barrier to entry. Under the restriction of technology and other garment steam factors, China's current seats are mostly steel structure, and its price is 1 / 5 to 1 / 2 of high-end products.

Most own brands take the low-end line and the homogenization competition become intense.

It is understood that, up to now there are about 700 car seat manufacturers in China. Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Guangdong are the manufacturing auto parts centers of China's car parts seat. At present, there are a large number of small-scale car seats manufacturing enterprises in China, the low-end car seat products are flooding in the market and the overcapacity fitness problem appears. At the same time, this also led to the serous disorderly competition phenomenon of China car seat manufacturers.

The skyrunner competition become increasingly intense and the domestic enterprises are anxious to break out.

In order to win the favor of the domestic dirt bike consumers, the foreign capital enterprises with obvious technological advantage increase the technological content of electric bike products. Some experts pointed out that with the development of the automotive industry and the changes of the car seats demand, some major car seats electric bikes enterprises speed up the market layout, China car seat industry will enter the intense competition period of lowering prices, fractionizing the market and so on.

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