China Security Companies Have Known The Marketing Direction of VIP Customers

As the security GPS Antenna industry changing from traditional analog monitor to digital high-definition monitor, security companies' kitchen utensil marketing strategy are also changing accordingly. The profit contribution brought by different customers are very different for companies, 20% of VIP solar panel customers contribute 80% of enterprises' profits, so VIP customers are the lifeblood for enterprises' survival and development, especially small- and medium-sized enterprises. Therefore, as other industries, security companies must pay great attention to high-value customers and potential customers with high value, that is VIP Customers also can be said as key customers, major garment steam customers, key clients, high-quality clients. So, in the era of millions of high-definition monitor, how can security companies do marketing with VIP customers?

First, companies need to determine VIP customers' satisfaction status directly through regular surveys. In Shenzhen Wave-particle Technology Co., Ltd., VIP customers specialist randomly select sample of existing VIP customers at regular intervals, and send questionnaire or call them for further information in order to understand their impression on company's various aspects. The testing can be divided into: greatly satisfied; general satisfied; no opinion; somewhat dissatisfied; very dissatisfied. VIP optics product customers' good public praise on a company means it has created a high customer satisfaction degree, and only when the company know VIP customers' dissatisfaction they can better improve. In today's highly competitive context, the first and foremost job of various security companies is to do the management of VIP customers well, and decline VIP customers job-hopping rate.

In the era of millions high-definition monitor, as the tremendous change of market environment, when security companies develop new VIP customers, how to define it is a very necessary job that cannot be ignored. So what kind of customer is the company's "dream girl"? First, in sales, dealers accounting for large sales share, project contractors, etc.; second, who has good financial reputation; third, who has good business philosophy. These customers are the objects the companies need to focus on, which also is the 20% group but needs 80% attention to focus on.

In modern industry, the optical products brand management has been deeply rooted in people's mind for a long time, especially with the emergence of hierarchical classification system such as large customers and VIP customers, brand has become a major bargaining chip for company to attract large customers, which symbolize the status of large customers, but also is enterprise products and services' important value.

In the era of analog control, the security products product homogenization is serious and the price war is disrupting the market, the concept of large optical products customers has been ignored by a lot of manufacturers. The arrival of the digital high-definition monitor era represents the industry upgrade of China security industry, so millions high-definition products are in the early stage of development, which are high-end products on the solar water heater market, naturally it has higher requirements on brand. The enterprise brand is often the stepping-stone to "conquer" major clients. The brand recognition can indeed improve VIP customers’ loyalty and reduce their defection rate, but security products enterprise must also make full use of strategy and tactics to solve this problem from the perspective of large customers benefit.

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Introduction and Development Trend of Chinese Pet Food

Three fourths of pet spending is for food. China's current pet food industry development is equivalent to America's level 100 years ago, but the international experience shows that as long as the per capita GDP of a country can reach 3,000-5,000 U.S. dollars, its pet products industry will grow rapidly. Now the per capita GDP of some China's eastern coastal cities has reached the above criteria, and the pet food begin to enter the high-income families. With China's rapid economic pet products development and modern concept consumption update, skyrunner is bound to penetrate families with good fitness economic conditions. According to the relevant departments prediction, the output value of China pet market will exceed 200 billion Yuan in 2012.

The proportion of people who use pet food is small in China (currently in large cities it accounted for about 5% of the total pet breeding people), in Taiwan it is about 60% (the population is about 20 million), but in the United States now the ratio is about 80%; the number of pet-breeders and pets is small, American 200 million people have 60 million pet dogs and cats (the latest survey of U.S. Pet Food Association showed that 55% of U.S. households own at least one dog or cat, about 38% of households own at least one or more garment steam, 33% of households own at least a cat. In the U.S., the number of dogs is about 55 million; the number of cats is about 66 million). There are 1.3 billion people in China, but the number of cats and dogs is much less than the U.S.; the urban population with modern optical products consumption awareness and spending power is only 300 million, the proportion of people who own security products is smaller.

From the point of product development, people are paying attention to health care function increasingly; the functional optical products requirements on food is increased; the product classification is more detail; natural health food drive the promotion and development of new consumption demand.

The optics product market obviously tends to high prices and high value-added products production, and the main security products product of the market is dry food. Compared with the wet food, dry food significantly has larger market share, which is increasing constantly (reason: the dry food is more expensive than wet food; dry food's storage is more convenient than wet food both for consumers and retailers; the dry food is more inclined as a high-end products, traditionally it is more likely to be produced different varieties according to pets' different needs; dry food has more price options).

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Analysis and Prospect Forecast on China Stationery Market Between 2010-2015

As a rapid growing light industry product in China, the stationery industry is playing an increasingly important role in international market. According to statistics, now there are nearly 5000 professional stationery manufacturers in China, 3000 enterprises specialize in producing office stationery, and 10% of them achieve 10 million Yuan annual sales. The traditional office and related stationery is still the key of Chinese stationery development, the reason is that the domestic economy is still relatively low, the labor force is cheap and the competitiveness is weak, so the traditional stationery still has a huge consumer market, which also is traditional office stationery's survival of soil. With the development of economy and the investment expansion on education and fitness aspects, people's demands for stationery and office supplies are increasing; therefore it has created a potential market of cultural goods. In future, Chinese cultural products market will continue to show rapid growth momentum. There is no doubt that the prospect of this industry is very attractive.

1. Multifunction. Pen, stationery box, measuring tools, notebooks and other stationery not only have various styles and functions, they also be designed as toys or gifts by manufacturers according to child's nature. Just as stationery box, the styles are more than 30. In addition, scented eraser, beautiful packaged watercolor brush, notebook printed with cartoons such as Mashimaro are also dazzling. As this multi-function stationery has toy's function, new form and cheap price, so they are popular amongst the students. Craft designers expand their imagination wings and give all kinds of office products for an ordinary product. Not only small pencil sharpeners, as well as pen bags with various fabrics, patterns and shapes, erasers with fruit flavor and unique style, crystal clear plastic folders and so on, traditional cultural items have disappeared without a trace, new and attractive artworks replace them. Except the fabric is updated constantly, electronic watch, compass also have been increased on the exterior of bags, vacuum massage is added on the back of bags, and small pockets also be added on both sides of bags, which can place drinking cup.

2. High-end. As for a bag, except fine work and elegant decoration, large and small pockets are also designed for office products and rackets, the functions are full from back massage to back posture correction. Pencil sharpeners have evolved into pencil devices, which like many fine arts and crafts. Even the little eraser has also been given a wealth of shapes, brighter colors and a pleasant aroma. In the stationery counter, the high price of certain products is frightening, but even so, high-end GPS Antenna sales are still hot. Especially just before the school open, the sales of school bags, pencil case and a variety of pens is the best, most students love to buy famous brand bags and high-end products, they think the quality of these office products have a guarantee and long service life. Now the design and workmanship of mid-priced kitchen utensil product is also very good, and looks very pretty, furthermore, from the actual sales situation of pen, pencil-bag and other stationery, mid-range products also account for a considerable part. However, very few people are interested in the pet products low-grade stationery with simple style and low price because of their poor quality.

3. Simplicity and practicality. The overall trend of stationery design should be developed toward simplicity and practicality. For example, the substitute of stationery box--pen bag, it is favored with its women garments design, easy to use and easy to take. Again, such as some loose-leaf office products, students can buy loose leaf and assemble it by themselves; it is very convenient and naturally very popular. In addition, the stationery production still have to work hard on quality, manufacturers should build their own brand image, even the product price of some brands is a little higher, consumers will still think it is worth the money just because its quality is excellent. As some hardcover notebooks, the paper quality is white and thick, printed well and it has obvious advantages when compared with old notebooks; another example is neutral pet products, its writing is smooth, the quality of its lead is very good and it will not leak, so it has more markets than common ball pen.

When dividing the stationery industry into the initial stage, the competition stage and the mature stage, then at present, it has entered the later competition stage, in other words, it is gradually entering an era of brand recognition. The competitive mode of stationery industry will transform from single price competition to technology, management and other multi-directional brand competition. When facing a wide variety of stationery, consumers' choices are becoming more and more, the influx of foreign competitors will continue to increase the whole market competitive pressures, and the future competition will also be more brutal. Therefore, domestic stationery industry should seize opportunities, meet challenges, and take the initiative to close the international market and implement China stationery's brand breakthrough through various efforts.

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Revealing The Status of Net Alarm System in China from Three Aspects

With the rapid growth of Chinese economy and the advancement of high technology, people's life have had substantially increase and improvement, but the high-tech crime will cause great harm to the country and people's life and property; in order to integrate social alarm resources and implement the government's slogan that to build a socialist harmonious society, the Ministry of Public Security has carried out a series of construction projects of safe city, such as strengthening police by science and technology and the 3111 project. To strengthen police by science and technology and create a comprehensive management platform for social pet products security, this kind of large alarm management center has combined the fixed-point alarm, moving point alarm, video network and other comprehensive alarm monitoring technology, and it has made contribution to the future comprehensive management of social security in exploring the technology prevention.

As the core technology of alarm system, the regional alarm network has experienced a decade of solar water heater development and developed a large number of alarm network, which has played an active role in stabilizing the local public security, preventing and stopping the crimes, the solar panel alarm center is the core of service, and its formation and management is a top kitchen utensil priority. The operation of the alarm center is directly related to whether they can receive alarm in time, do service in time and correct the equipment failure in time. Therefore, in the construction of the Alarm Center, to select an women garments appropriate alarm platform is the technical foundation, and a suit of mature management model is the basis of operation. As for current status of the city alarm network system, we can analyze from the following aspects:

1. The front-end alarm equipment. At present, the front-end alarm equipments that are more popular in the outdoor furniture market generally have commonly used functions of on-site alarm, dialing alarm and defence area alarm, with the development of security equipment advancing rapidly, people's demands on the multifunction and compatibility of security equipment are increasingly high.

2. The control section of Alarm Center. The security products alarm receipt technology is the basic platform of the Alarm Center's construction, after a long period of development China has formed the telephone line network, which has been basically used in foreign countries, because it is convenient. In recent years, China has promulgated and created a series of specific policies of Safe China, and it has promoted the telephone security products network alarm being used in many areas in China.

3. The characteristics the alarm system should have. The Alarm Center has a complete pet products alarm mode, it can be connected to alarm host through a variety of modes, the database is complete and the expansibility is strong, and the garment steam management is scientific and convenient. The primary intelligent alarm device has possessed the indicative function in logical defence area; it can clearly locate the warning region and fault region, and provide conditions for sending police officers in time. However, the wireless alarm devices are easy to install, which especially adapt to the project of reconstructing and upgrading the security system. The alarm system is developing towards specialization, large scale, networking, multifunction, intellectualization, and combining wireless and wired.

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Is The Color Times of Digital Copy Machine Still Far Away?

With the rapid development of modern office, the office equipment and working mode are also changing in keeping with the times. The business output demands of enterprises and government departments on colorization, digitization, high-speed and network are growing continually, which has promoted prosperous development for color digital copy machine and other colored office output equipment market. In 2010, we can clearly feel that Chinese business output fitness market is ushering its color times. The research data of the Loyola University in Chicago shows that the color documents can increase the reading speed and endurance by 78%, and enhance people's understanding by 73%. From this research data, we can see that the visual impact provided by color documents can improve the reader's interest and capture their eyes. But in 2010, with the recovery of global economy, now the pent-up demand is being released faster.

However, the color demands have been released to ink jet and single laser machines. For consumers, the purchasing cost of color digital copy machines is so high that they are regarded as luxury goods; many consumers are blocked outside of the application threshold. But recently, as the application electric bike demands for high-speed and high-load color documents copy and print are increasing rapidly, high-speed color compound machine has gradually been concerned by enterprises, which take large industrial office products users as core representatives. Meanwhile, the maturation of technology and the mass production also make the prices drop to a certain extent, and these reasons have made color copy machines been accepted gradually by some consumers from the high-end technology exhibits, so the market begins to enter the rapid skyrunner growing period from the incubation period.

With the technology becoming mature and continuous concern on customer, all manufacturers have begun to improve their product features, size, cost and other aspects for a long time. Early digital copy machines are mainly for the government, telecommunications, finance, insurance and other companies that have large users or larger office workplace. But with the price decline and the products becoming more sophisticated, the demands of individual office products users for color commerce are burgeoning increasingly, the application scope of digital copy machine is not limited to high-end users already and they are more recognized and accepted by business users, especially small and medium-sized dirt bike enterprises, the popularization trend is clearly. According to IDC's recent report, in China, the product shipments in color digital copy machine market maintain an impressive growth rate (average close to 100%!), but compared to one-third or even half of the electric bike market share in Europe, America, Japan and other developed countries, Chinese market only own 4%, which also means huge market potential.

China is still in its infancy when compared with European and American mature office products markets, but its development is rapid and the prospect is favorable. In order to seize the market share, the front-line manufacturers headed by Canon are starting from Chinese electric bikes users demands, the rich and user-friendly features, competitive price, efficient and practical design can help Chinese customers to increase productivity, reduce office products and improve business processes. It is believed that through the joint efforts of Canon and other enterprises in copy machine field, the bottlenecks of application and demand will be broken continually, and the color times of digital copy machine will come soon.

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